Afrazul’s killing: Udaipur protesters cite ‘Muslim video’ as reason of their protest

Udaipur: After restrictions were imposed under Section 144, for protesting over the arrest of Shambhulal Regar, in Udaipur on December 14, 33-year-old Kishan Soni tried to secure bail for the scores of youngsters for their violent demonstration.

Kishan Soni is a government school teacher and divisional head of the Hindu Jagran Manch in Udaipur.

The youngsters were arrested for pelting stones on officials, who had got injured. Out of the 207 arrested, 153 were released on bail after police spoke to the Hindu outfits, reported The Indian Express.

According to Soni, the arrested men were not associated with any organisation, claiming that they did not support Regar but protested against offensive slogans raised at a “Muslim rally” on December 8 over Afrazul’s murder.

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“In the video, the protesters are seen shouting slogans such as ‘Hindustan mein rehna hai to Allahu Akbar kehna hai (If one has to stay in India, he has to say Allahu Akbar)’ and ‘Hindustan ka ek hi raja, mera khwaja, mera khwaja (There’s only one king of India, my khwaja)’,” said Gaurav Nagda, the 21-year-old media in-charge of the Shiv Sena in Udaipur.

He added that a “massive campaign” took place on social media that asked Hindu men to gather to protest against the video.

Whereas, the president of Anjuman Committee, Udaipur, Mohammed Khalil denied the claims and said: “These are standard slogans of people from the Muslim community during rallies. Allahu Akbar means ‘God is great’ while the Khwaja we refer to is Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.”

Meanwhile, members of the Hindu outfits justified Afrazul’s killing.

“As long as a strong law is not passed against ‘love jihad’, chances are that more Regars will come forward. Regar is the symbol of what the Hindu community feels right now,” said Ganesh Vaishnav, a member of the Shiv Sena.

As per the police, most of the protesters came from outside Udaipur to demonstrate the protest.

Udaipur Superintendent of Police Rajendra Prasad said they are looking into the video of December 8 rally too, “The situation is under control now,” he said.