Afghanistan, Uzbekistan to start transit route soon

Kabul: Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are working to start a transit route, which will be operational soon.

The Tolo News quoted officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries as saying that the delegations from the two countries were working to make this happen.

The spokesman for the ministry, Musafir Qoqandi, said that the new route would help to send Afghan goods from Uzbekistan to other parts of the world.

The countries have reportedly signed dozens of agreements and contracts during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s trip to Tashkent this month.

“We continue our efforts to start our transit through as soon as possible. Uzbekistan is also very interested to start transit through Afghanistan,” Qoqandi said.

However, the deputy head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Khanjan Alokozay, has suggested the government to take the issue under ‘proper management’.

“Uzbekistan is trying to use Afghanistan route because it needs a closer route to South Asia. It exports iron and cotton worth billions of dollars every year,” Alokozay said. (ANI)