Afghanistan: Taliban attacks Sar-e-Pul province

Sar-e-Pol city (Sar-e-Pul): Heavy clashes between government forces and the Taliban are still underway following an attack by the Taliban at the center of northern Sar-e-Pul province on Sunday.

According to TOLO News, the city was attacked yesterday from three directions and is on the verge of collapse. “If government does not send reinforcements, the center will collapse to the Taliban,” TOLO News quoted the provincial governor Zabihullah Amani as saying.

“Both sides have casualties but there is no exact information,” Amani added.

The report further quoted military sources claiming the fall of a military base in the province. However, the military officials have not yet confirmed the fall but have appealed the government for air support.

“The Taliban attacked the capital of the province from Sayad district, and the west and northern parts of the city and are two kilometers far from the city,” as per military sources.

This comes after as many as 20 Afghan security personnel were killed on Sunday in an attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province.

On September 5, the Taliban had set ablaze the bodies of at least eight policemen who were killed in an attack in the northeastern province of Takhar.