Afghanistan: ‘Foreign’ fighter jets carry out airstrikes

Kabul: Fighter jets, either from Russia or Tajikistan, carried out airstrikes in Darqad district of Takhar province in north-eastern Afghanistan.

Provincial governor’s spokesperson, Mohammad Jawid Hejri, confirmed the news and said that a clash broke out between drug smugglers and Tajik border guards in Takhar province.

He added that rockets were fired by the border guards in the province, following which “fighter jets” carried out an airstrike early on Monday.

However, Hejri said that the jets were “foreign”, belonging to either Russia or Tajikistan. He stated that the affected area is under the control of the Taliban and not under the Afghan government. He also informed that two Tajik border guards lost their lives during the clash.

The Takhar province, which borders neighbouring Tajikistan, has seen a number of clashes in recent months, notably between Afghan security forces and armed groups, including Taliban. The terrorist group has attacked dozens of check posts in the province in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, 12 border police officers were killed in an attack by the Taliban in the Dasht-e-Qala district of Takhar province.