Afghanistan Elections: Interior Minister confirms 192 security incidents

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Wais Barmak on Saturday confirmed that 192 security incidents had taken place across the nation on the day of parliamentary polling.

According to Tolo News, Barmak said that at least 17 civilians were killed and 83 civilians were injured in these attacks. He also stated that 10 policemen and one Afghan National Army soldier were killed in the attack, while 17 security officers sustained injuries in the attacks.

The Taliban had earlier threatened to disrupt the elections in the nation and had also claimed responsibility behind the deaths of numerous candidates in the past.

Tolo News quoted Deputy Minister of interior for security, General Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi, as saying that the deadliest attack on Saturday had been a suicide bombing in Kabul’s PD17 that claimed the lives of 10 civilians and five policemen.

Polls were held across the nation on Saturday to the ‘Wolesi Jirga’ or lower house of the Afghanistan Parliament.

The elections were postponed in Kandahar by one week in the wake of the recent attack which took place in the governor’s house that claimed the lives of many, including that of Kandahar Police Chief General Abdul Raziq.

Polling in the Ghazni province was also postponed due to security issues and disagreements on reducing constituencies.