Afghanistan: Death toll mounts to 68 in suicide bombing

Afghanistan: Death toll mounts to 68 in suicide bombing

Islamabad: The death toll in a suicide attack near a gathering of protesters in eastern Afghanistan has soared to 68. The attack which took place on Tuesday afternoon left 128 wounded.

Nangarhar public health department confirmed the death toll on Wednesday.
According to TOLO News, the protestors were demanding the dismissal of a local police commander.

The attack came hours after bombs targeted at least three schools in the city of Jalalabad, killing a boy and wounding four people.
However, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility and the Taliban has also denied any role in the attacks.

In a statement, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the suicide attack against the demonstrators and the bomb blasts near the schools, saying that “attacks on civilian facilities, mosques, women, children are all crimes against humanity.”

The United Nations’ Assistance Mission in Afganistan also condemned the attacks and expressed its “mounting concern at the pattern of attacks targeting civilians and schools” in Nangarhar and its capital.