Afghanistan: 35 security personnel killed in Taliban attack

Farah Province: As many as 35 security personnel were reportedly killed in an attack by Taliban in the western Farah Province of Afghanistan on Thursday.

According to the reports, three security check posts fell to the Taliban in Shewan, Garani and Aab Khormay areas of Bala Blook district on Wednesday night.

Chief Spokesperson of the Provincial Police, Mohibullah confirmed that there were overnight clashes in Peshtkoh district in which both security forces and Taliban suffered casualties. Though local officials have reported casualties, however, the exact number is yet to be established.

While the Farah Province has witnessed a spate of clashes between Taliban and security personnel in the past six months. The citizens of the Farah province have also confirmed that Taliban fighters were roaming the streets on Wednesday night.

In October, as many as four Taliban commanders were killed in a drone attack in the province.