Afghan vice-presidential candidate Amrullah Saleh says ‘JeM a venomous arm of ISI’

KABUL: Afghanistan once again has sent a message to India on the issue of terrorism. Amrullah Saleh, a vice-presidential candidate for the next elections in Afghanistan criticized Pakistan for its strong opposition to terrorism.

The former head of the country’s intelligence services called the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) leader Masood Azhar, a “venomous arm” of Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

When asked about being rescued by China in proclaiming Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, Saleh in an email interview from Kabul, “…whether China does or doesn’t see him as a terrorist, he is a terrorist,” according to the report of Hindustan Times.

Saleh said, “See, when they attack India or Afghanistan they [ISI] use this tool [terrorism] and then survive behind deniability themselves. Although it is not sticking anymore, it is perceived as a second deterrence in the hands of the Pakistani establishment,” Saleh said.

Saleh also referred to the Haqqani network about whom former US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen described as a “virulent arm” of ISI.

He added: “ I believe the whole infrastructure of terrorism which breeds and operates out of Pakistan is a virulent arm of ISI. Either we convince Pakistan to delink itself from them, which is next to impossible, or we work together to cut this venomous arm.”