Afghan medical students protest against discrimination in Pakistan

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Afghan medical students on Friday held a peaceful protest in Islamabad regarding their registration in Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC)

Afghan Doctors and medical students were admitted to Baqai Medical University University on the basis of scholarship scheme floated by the Prime Minister c of Pakistan for Afghan students.

The Afghan students, who have graduated and those studying, are not getting registration in PM&DC.

PM&DC has allocated certain admissions seats to medical universities but Baqai Medical University has admitted Afghan students above its designated limit, which is in violation with PM&DC rules.

As a result, PM&DC has declined to register Afghan students and as per violation of PM&DC rules, it has given penalty of certain amount of fine to which the University has no intention to pay.

Without PM&DC registration, the students claim that they are unable to complete their house jobs, post graduation studies, practice their profession and can’t verify their degrees by higher authorities.

The Baqai Medical University has discussed the issue of Afghan medical students with Prime Minister’s secretariat and Higher Education Commission Pakistan, but authorities didn’t respond positively.

Afghan students have discussed the issue with Higher Education Commission Pakistan, Consulate and Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan but the issue remained unresolved till now.

Afghan students allege that they are undergoing mental torture from the last several years and as a result compelled to hold a peaceful strike in our university on Friday. (ANI)