Afghan CEO condemns Kabul attack, Pak expresses condolence

Kabul : Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah has condemned today’s deadly suicide car bombing in Kabul and called the attack as a clear sign of terrorists’ hostility and enmity against the people of the country.

“Today’s terrorist attack in Kabul is a clear sign of terrorists’ hostility and enmity against the Afghan People. Their fight is for foreign interests, fomentation of extremism & destruction of Afghanistan. This fight is against all norms&human laws,” said Abdullah in a series of tweets.

A suicide bomber earlier in the day detonated a vehicle packed with explosives near the Directorate of Security for Prominent Figures in Pul-e-Mahmood Khan area of the city.

At least 28 people were killed and over 200 others reportedly injured in the attack with majority of the victims comprising of ordinary civilians.

He demanded that such attacks be stopped.

“Today’s attack in Kabul signals the losses, weaknesses & defeats of the terrorists in battlefields against our heroic security forces. Such attacks under all titles and names are off-cast, cussed, hated and anathematized. These undue & unjust attacks must stop,” he said.

The CEO threatened that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) would answer the enemy’s bullet with a bullet.

” #ANDSF have clear orders to destroy enemies anytime and anywhere in Afghanistan. ANDSF will answer enemy’s bullet with a bullet,” Abdullah said.

Asserting the country comes first, he urged the political elites to prioritize the national interests and defy terror attacks against the Afghans.

According to reports, the Taliban group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack come days after the insurgent group announced its ‘spring offensive’ in the region.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has condemned the coordinated attack and condoled the loss of innocent lives.

“The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Kabul today in which a number of precious lives have been lost and several are injured,” Khaama Press quoted a statement issued by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying. (ANI)