Affidavit mandatory for Overseas Scholarship Scheme, students worried

The first instalment of Overseas Scholarship Scheme has not been released to the minority students till date. Despite repeated announcement by the government and Minority Welfare officials, the amount of first instalment has not been deposited in selected students’ account.

It is said the Minority Welfare Department has added a new condition for selected candidates which causes the delay and the selected candidates fail to fulfil the condition. 210 candidates were selected who fulfilled the prescribed criteria, however a new condition has been added under which selected candidates are asked to submit affidavit certifying the veracity of certificates. Such students who have taken admission in foreign countries and began studies are unable to submit the affidavit as affidavit needs stamp paper which is not available in foreign countries. The process will take time till then the students will be deprived of the scholarship.

Students and parents demand that the government withdraw this additional condition as the government has already verified all the documents.

Siasat news