Aeroflot refuses four Kashmiri students to Turkey

Russian airline Aeroflot refused to fly four Kashmiri students from New Delhi to Istanbul recently, despite having all relevant official travel documents and they also failed to refund the money spent by the students on the tickets. One of the students Mohd Iqbal Rather mail  today that Aeroflot provided no reasons for doing this. And “We were thrown out of the T-3 building and we came back to Aligarh. They were traveling to Turkey to participate in a nine-day conference on “Concept of Social Justice in Islam.

A senior official posted in Delhi airport told that the airline didn’t allow the students to travel with them as they had doubt about their identities and documents. He said “We allowed two students but other four were doubtful. They didn’t have luggage, money and original invitation of the conference and one of them had reportedly traveled to Pakistan frequently, but was unable to explain why he did so.

According to a senior official of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, airline can’t deny boarding on such grounds. The ministry said that it is a matter of passengers’ right and an inquiry is required.