Aeon Co. establishes shopping hubs in Vietnam

Hanoi: Aeon Co. Ltd of Japan has established one of its largest shopping hubs in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam to cater consumers with various high-quality products.

‘Aeon Mall Binh Tan’ is one of the largest shopping hubs in Ho Chi Minh City where the retail company provides a variety of original products used by consumers both for recreation and serious shopping.

“This hand soap is developed by Topvalu. The purpose of this product is mainly to improve the daily lives of Vietnam people. This product realizes a unique value to Vietnam,” said Mai Cat Phuong from Aeon Topvalu in Vietnam.
At the same time, the company had also considered the fact that living conditions differ in every country depending upon their geographical locations, features, and terrain.

For example, water in Vietnam is course and the soap developed in the country is according to the needs of the people. However, the soap only makes hair stiffer and the skin rough. Aeon’s product has been developed to solve the inconvenience faced by the people.

“Through the effort in the production process, we have been able to provide customers with high-quality products at affordable prices, contributing to the satisfaction of the people who bought Topvalu products,” said Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Mai from Aeon.

The company considers not only producing good quality products but also contributes to the improvement of living standards and consumer satisfaction.