Adult site tracking is real and Google’s incognito not helping

California: A new study has revealed that surfing adult websites even with the incognito mode is not safe from prying eyes of third-parties.

The tracking software made by tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Oracle is also deployed on adult websites. The study analysed 22,484 adult sites and found that 93 per cent of them leak the data to third parties, irrespective of the browser mode, The Verge reports.

The authors of the study warn that visitors of adult sites have a misleading sense of privacy and there is an elevated risk as 45 per cent of adult site URLs indicate the nature of the content, potentially revealing a user’s surfing habits and sexual preferences.

Unless there is specialised software, it is impossible for users to even know when an adult site is tracking them. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google deny their tracking software is collecting information to build ad profiles.