Adopted by Muslim family, orphan boy marries off as per Hindu rituals

Dehradun: A Muslim family from Dehradun has set an example of humanity by neglecting the typical norms in the name of religion and caste, by raising a Hindu orphan boy and marrying him as per his religion’s customs.

The family of Mouinuddin adopted, Rakesh Rastogi at the age of 12 but never tried to tamper with his religion.

Rakesh’s marriage was commemorated pompously. Mouinuddin’s wife, Kausar received her daughter-in-law, Soni, as per Hindu traditions. On February 9, the duo was married as per Hindu rituals.

Rakesh told the media that he never realized that he was in a Muslim family. Nobody raised questions about his worship system. “I celebrate Holi, Diwali and all the festivals in this house. Everyone loves me and help me.”