Adobe refreshes Premiere Pro in new public beta

San Francisco: Software major Adobe has announced its plans to offer an easier-to-use, more streamlined user experience in its popular video editor, Premiere Pro, with new changes first available to those in the public beta.

The first significant change comes to the Import Mode, which has been redesigned to offer a media-first experience, AppleInsider reported on Tuesday.

Adobe has stripped away complex and confusing settings and allowed users to simply pick clips to import into new projects.

A new header bar has been designed to integrate the core phases of the editing process, with specific options for importing, editing, and exporting.

In addition, a new task-specific drop-down menu is accessible through the header.

The header bar also allows users to provide feedback on the beta quickly and easily.

Adobe also points out that the header design will be universal across all Creative Cloud applications in the future as they seek to unify users’ experiences across all apps.

The report did that perhaps one of the most notable changes made is the Export mode.

When exporting a video, it will be easier to export multiple files to a local drive. Users will also find it easier to export videos based on the destination of the content, whether it be YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or elsewhere.

Users will also be able to continue working in Premiere while videos render and upload, reducing downtime and improving workflow.