Adnan Mirza elected as the new President of Urdu Hindi Cultural Association New Zealand

Auckland 07/12/2015 { Syed Mujeeb QSM]Election of Urdu Hindi Cultural Association was held in Auckland on 06th Dec 2015 at Fickling convention center Three Kings.Auckland

Program was hosted by Ms Roopa Sachdev. She initiated the program and invited Syed Mujeeb The secretary General of the association; Syed Mujeeb explained the struggle and hardship in the work and discussed finances. Treasurer Mrs.Tehseen Sultana handed over the financial report to the president. Ms.Roopa Sachdev invited the President Prof.Nafees Akhtar to render the speech of thanks. He thanked Mrs Tahseen Sultana for the financial report.Prof. Nafees Akhtar mentioned the history of this association and thanked Prof. Rais Alvi for the guidance in making this association. He highly appreciate and thanked Hon,Kanwaljeet Singh Bakshi for his support and guidance to this association since the beginning. He acknowledged great work of Syed Mujeeb, Secretary General and Mrs Tahseen Sultana ,Treasurer of this association.

Ms Roopa Sachdev invited Anne Degie Pala , Dr. S .D.Mathur to come on stage and announce the election results.

Anne Degia Pala announced the results of the General election of Urdu Hindi Cultural Association for the year 2016-2017 on behalf of the election commission.

She emphasized that the objective of the election commission is to hold free and fair election and the decisions of the election commission is absolutely final.

The decisions of the election commission are in line with the existing constitution of the association.

She was thankful to President Prof .Nafees Akhtar ,Secretary Syed Mujeeb and the executive committee of the association for selecting herself,Dr.S D Mathur and Mr. M.Maqbool Ahmed as the election commission for the elections of 2016-2017.

Election commission had received nominations for seven positions of the association.

Adnan Mirza was here by elected as the next president of the association unanimously.

They received 3 nominations for the 2 positions of vice president.

The nominations were.

1. Roopa sachdev

2. suman kapoor

3.Dr. Taimoori.

Suman kapoor has withdrawn her name.Hence.Roopa Sachdev and Dr. Taimoori were here by elected as vice president for the next tenure.

She announced the election of Syed Mujeeb as the continuing general Secretary of the association for the next tenure. He was nominated by 2 executive members of the association. And has been elected unanimously

She received only one nomination for the post of treasurer. Hence Mrs Tehseen Sultana has been elected as the continuing treasurer for the next tenure. Ghous Majeed has been elected as an event manager. Ms.Preeta Vyas had been elected as women and Media affairs..Mr.Patrick Bennett has

been elected as spokesperson of the association. She then confirmed the executive members and invited them on stage.executive members.1.Nafees Akhtar,2.Suman Kapoor 3.Saima Siddiqui,4. Farah Alvi,5. Shiv Bhagirath6.Najee Kidwai,7.Mr.M.A.Haque She named advisory committee of the association

1.Mohammad Tauqir Khan2. Maqbool Ahmad,3.Dr.S.D.Mathur,4. Rajesh Maharaj,5.Dr.Preeya Punjabi,6 Mr,.V. Giri.

7, M.fayum Khan

She was pleased to announce that Hon.Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh Bakhshi has agreed to continue the patronage of the association. She was also very excited to announce that Prof. Mohammad Rais Alvi has also agreed to continue as international patron of the association. She Thanked and congratulated all the winning candidates.

Hon.Kanwaljeet Singh Bakshi was invited to share his thoughts on the existence and performance of the association. He emphasized on the spoken power of our languages and families to speak their mother tonuge at home. He also appreciated Prof. Rais Alvi, Prof.Nafees Akhtar, Syed Mujeeb,Ghous Majeed, Mrs Tahseen Sultana, Suman Kapoor and, all executive members on their continuous work and love for their language, He also congratulated Adnan Mirza to be the new president.

The new President Adnan mirza was invited to give acceptance speech. He acknowledged the ethos of this association to create legacy for our next generation. He promised to work hard and continue to deliver for our next generation.

Then the host of Ghazal Night Dr. S.D.mathur invited Arvinder Vasudeva,and later himself and Sandeep Singh delighted the audience with their fantastic ghazals.

Then Dr.Paramjeet Pramar MP was invited to the stage and render her thoughts about the association and its performance over the last four years. She acknowledged the hard work and dedication of all the members and the concept of our association which will help our next generation to be reminded of our culture and languages.

A successful event is closed with the vote of thanks by Mr. Gous Majeed and Preeta Vyas followed by a delicious dinner hosted by the association.