Yogi Adityanath: Cancellation of holidays will generate more revenue

New Delhi: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, while talking about his decision of cancelling 15 public holidays on Sunday, said that as the government will be now working for fifteen more days, it will generate an additional revenue of 50,000c Crores -60,000 Crore.

The decision about cancellation was appreciated by the students as well as their parents. The fund generated by this move will be utilised by the state to provide more opportunities for the youth, reported the HT.

“We have also asked the administration to issue a government order directing school and college authorities to initiate a tradition of holding 15-minute lectures on the birth or death anniversaries of great personalities, saints and others,” he stated.

The CM also said, “both cow smuggling and slaughter have been completely checked in just one month of the BJP government in office,” while addressing the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) workers and its affiliated organisations at Madhav Dham in Gorakhpur.

“Despite a three-year-old order of the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal (NGT), no ban was put on illegal slaughterhouses as there was a lack of willpower (in the previous government) to do that, but when we said that such slaughterhouses should not be allowed to run, they were shut down immediately,” he added.

“It happened after we carried out checking on roads, border areas and issued stern directives that cow slaughter and smuggling should be checked and if it continues, accountability will be fixed,” he said.

While talking about the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ he said, “How bizarre it is that the national song, which gave a new lease of life to the freedom struggle and which was sung by freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives, was considered a synonym of communalism. What a fateful day it was when singing the national song was made optional rather than compulsory.”

He also thanked the RSS’s Vidya Bharti for singing Vande Mataram, he also urged people to keep the water of Ganga clean on his second day of Gorakhpur visit.

“Only chanting Gau Mata Ki Jai will not help save the cows until you contribute honestly at your personal level to save them. Similarly, chanting Ganga Mata Ki Jai will not help the holy river to flow clean until you start considering ponds, drainage and other water bodies in your surroundings as part of the Ganga and keep them clean and clear,” the chief minister added.