Adityanath expresses pain for Tibet

Jodhpur: BJP MP Adityanath today expressed his pain for Tibet at a religious meeting in Pokhran in Jaisalmer.

Condemning China and all the national and international human rights organisations for turning a “blind eye to the woes of Tibet”, Yogi said that Tibet is seething in “pain of Chinese oppression as well as International negligence.”

“Long ago, Tibet was also a part of India like Nepal and Sri Lanka, which are independent nations today.

“But the struggle and helplessness of Tibet gives much pain due to its victimization by China,” he said while attending a religious function of Shivsukhnatha maharaj at Aseri Math.

“Those powers or institutions, which question the ‘sanatan’ culture of India in the name of threat to secularism, are surprisingly quiet on the issue and persecution of Tibet at the hands of China,” he said.

Expressing similar observations for Pakistan, he said that “Pakistan has been afflicted with its internal conflicts and has gradually been losing its own existence.”

“Like China, Pakistan would also collapse any time soon and would not have any existence in future,” he said.

He said every citizen of India should feel proud in being its citizen and if they do not say Vandematram or “Bharat mata ki Jay”, they did not have any moral right to live in this nation.