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Adhan causes “unbearable noise”: Israeli PM

Adhan causes “unbearable noise”: Israeli PM

Nazareth: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calling for a ban on the adhan, saying that Islamic call to prayer violates Israel’s interior laws as it causes “unbearable noise.”

Netanyahu, during the weekly Cabinet meeting with the Likud bloc in the Knesset said that his regime decided to put into effect a number of laws including those which deal with “noise and incitement made in mosques”, referring to the Adhan.

The Israeli PM claimed: “There is no respect for law in most of the Arab neighbourhoods, including the Adhan (call for Muslim Prayer) and polygamy.”

“It is impossible to surrender to this. There is no religious script which allows causing noise for people through loudspeakers even in the Arab and European countries,” he added.

Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, General Mufti of Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories, and preacher at Masjid Al-Aqsa said this was a “warning to mosques”.

Call to prayer is a “subtle supplication addressing the soul, not an incitement call that arouses the interference of the occupation in Muslims’ religious affairs,” he stressed.

He also commented on polygamy in Arab towns, claiming that “Women organisations keep silent like the dead in the graves regarding this phenomenon. The issue of polygamy is complicated.”