Adequate arrangements in place to deal with swine flu, medicines are distributed free of cost : Chhattisgarh government

Raipur: The Chhattisgarh government on Saturday clarified that adequate arrangements, including free distribution of medicines, have been made at government-run hospitals across the state for prevention and treatment of swine flu.

Refuting allegations of more than 10 deaths due to swine flu across the state, Chhattisgarh’s Health and Family Welfare Minister TS Singh Deo said that seven people died and that too despite all measures in place.

The government informed that swine flu detection test is being done free of cost at microbiology laboratories at the Raipur and Jagalpur Medical colleges and also at AIIMS, Raipur. Samples for tests are being collected at the district hospitals and sent to the prescribed laboratories.

“For surveillance swine flu patients, health staff at all district hospitals and surveillance units have been trained properly,” said the government in a statement. Arrangements of vaccines for staff involved in the treatment and care of patients have also been made.

The government is also organising awareness campaign about measures and prevention regarding swine flu.