Adele to Donald Trump: Stop using my music!

Los Angeles: Singer Adele is telling politicians, particularly Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, to stop using her songs at their campaign rallies.

The record-breaking singer released a statement, saying none of them used her music with permission, reports

Trump has been using Adele’s hits such as “Rolling in the deep” and “Skyfall” as his walk-on music for sometime now. His daughter Ivanka Trump introduced her father at a January 21 event before “Rolling in the deep” was played. The song was also played at his recent event in Iowa.

Trump has been at odds with Adele’s fans, especially when he jumped the queue at a concert she gave at the Radio City Music Hall in November.

“I can’t believe Donald Trump got to walk right into the Adele concert and I’m still waiting in line @Adele fix it,” blogger Matt Bellassai tweeted at that time.

And some fans were not pleased with the Trump connection.

“Don’t suppose he asked for her endorsement. Hopefully she’s objected,” one tweeted.

Another fan wrote: “I think she’s cringing as much as we are … wish he would drown in the deep. The bigot.”

Adele’s New York representative Benny Tarantini has assured the public that she is not endorsing anyone with her music.

“Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning,” the spokesperson said in an email.

Besides Trump, other presidential candidates such as Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie have used “Hello” for their political purpose.