Adebayor, Emenike reverted to Islam

Two popular African footballers- Emmanuel Adebayor and Emmanuel Emenike reportedly converted to Islam, according to foreign media report.

Adebayor, the Togolese Football icon converted to Islam on Sunday 5 July 2015, when he was filmed taking his shahada (the Islamic creed declaring belief in the oneness of Allah and the acceptance of Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah’s prophet).

He was seen in picture in an all-white outfit standing close to an Imam as other Muslim leaders and supporters witnessed the occasion.

The ceremony is thought to have been held in Togo, Adebayor’s adoptive country. Adebayor played in many leading clubs such as Metz, Arsenal, Monaco, Manchester City and Real Madrid and was elected was African footballer of the year 2008.

Similarly Super Eagles striker Emenike announced his conversion to Islam during a conversation with a coach of his club, Vitor Pereira.
When the squad inquired about his whereabouts when he was not there during team’s breakfast on Saturday and in reply he confessed his coversion to Islam.

When asked where he was, Emenike said: “I’m fasting”.

Pereira replied: “You’re not a Muslim.”

Emenike insisted: “I became a Muslim. I am a Muslim.”

Their story of being a Muslim and observing Ramadan fast, went viral on the internet and social networking sites.