Addiction to internet and smart phones cause anxiety and tiredness

Rising addiction to smartphones and the dire need to stay connected online 24/7 could be resulting in brain imbalances reveals a new study. People from all walks of life are nowadays are more inclined towards technology and giving up their regular daily activities living a sedentary lifestyle which is resulting in new genetic issues in the human body.

According to the research led by Hyung Suk Seo, Korean University professor which studied people who were tied to their phone and internet revealed chemical imbalances are caused in the brain with the constant use of a smartphone in people which causes anxiety and tiredness in people.

The 19 candidates diagnosed with the smartphone and internet addiction were used for the research were put through a test known as MRS which measures levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

The tests revealed the ratio of GABA to another important neurotransmitter was off in these people addicted to the internet and their smartphones which could have deep effects on how the brain works said the researchers.

Previous research has linked GABA to vision and motor control and the regulation of various brain functions, including anxiety.

According to Professor Hyung Suk Seo, these changes in the brain’s chemical imbalances could also be linked to problems with processing information and emotions.

These 19 addicted youngsters were paired with a set of people with no such addiction but were of the same age and gender.

These participants were then put through a questionnaire to calculate their alertness and problem-solving capabilities.

The research found that the ratios of GABA to two other important acids – creatine and glutamate were directly related to how people were addicted to the internet and their phones, along with depression and anxiety as reported in the Independent.