Add spark to your winter wedding outfits

The winter months is when the perennial “wedding season” is at its peak. It’s the season when one wants to adorn classic traditional attires but at the same time keep warm and comfortable. From embroidered motifs to adding a stole to your outfit can do the trick.
Designer Aditi Somani shared a few tips on how one can look fashionable yet keep themselves warm while attending winter weddings.

* A deep, jewel-toned colour palette is a timeless favourite for winter wedding ensembles. Forego light, pastel and neutral hues for rich, jewel tones instead. The mundane black, grey and beige may look washed out against the hazy winter air which is why one should opt for rich, saturated hues such as wine red, vermilion, purple and teal that pack a colourful punch.

* Another option is to break up the monotony of neutral tones with intricately embroidered motifs. Embroidery is an elegant yet understated way to add richness to outfits in any colour.

* An important insurance to take while dressing for a winter wedding is to make sure your outfit is warm enough. A simple stole alone is rarely sufficient and doesn’t do much for your entire look. Instead, opt for a contemporary silhouette that allows you to remain warm and look great at the same time.

* Extend the jewel tones to your make-up too. Winter is the ideal time to indulge in a classic red or a deep wine lip colour to add a touch of brightness to the dull weather. For eyes, a festive and wintery colour palette featuring shimmery tinges of coppers, golds, bronzes and greys will add warmth to the look. Don’t forget to dust a slight helping of blush and bronzer to your cheeks as well to highlight that winter glow!

* In addition to rich tones, another thing that winter calls for is sparkle. Accentuate your look with some statement jewellery. A jhoomar adds an elegant, old-world charm to an otherwise contemporary outfit. Alternatively, dangling earrings are a classic way of adding some sparkle to outfits.