Add glamour to your winter outfits with embroidery

New Delhi: Embroidery is a great form of embellishment on any clothing styles. So this winter, experiment with these details on denims, leather jackets, boots and many others and lift up the look of your attire, says an expert.

Yashodhara Shroff, Director and founder of online shopping store Styletag, shares five ways to incorporate embroidery into your wardrobe.

* On denim: Colourful embroidery on denim jackets, pants and bags stands out with great vigour and never fails to impress. If you’re looking to experiment and love a pop of colour anytime of the day, these are perfect for you. Classroom doodle embroidery is great on western styles and floral on Indian styles.

* On leather: One could take their pick from an A- line leather skirt, a leather jacket, bags or pants. If you’re looking for subtle detailing or a full-on embroidered piece, switching to embroidered leather in the form of a jacket or a practical shopping bag is a wise move to make.

* On skirts: Nothing makes a statement like a perfect A-line embroidered skirt. Subtle and appealing embroidery on skirts is a class act as opposed to anything else. One can never go wrong with a detailed embroidered skirt when paired with a crisp white shirt. Splurge on some intricately detailed skirts as they will never go out of style.

* On shoes: A favourite among street style aficionados, embroidery on shoes makes a perfect statement and gives your attire that oomph it requires. Embroidery on the tongue of the sneakers and decorative patterns on block heels and Indian flats like morjaris and jootis are a combination of shoe culture and ethnicity.