Actress trolled for supporting Sidhu, receives ‘rape threats’

Mumbai: Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu’s comments over the Pulwama attack has attracted condemnation from many political leaders but only few understood what this cricketer-turned-politician meant to say.

Not only did haters called him a traitor but have also criticized him for taking sides with Pakistan, News18 reports.

However, Actress Shilpa Shinde who bravely stood by his side and reportedly stated that even she feels one cannot and should not blame Pakistan entirely because of a few coward terrorists, she too fell victim to heavy trolling like Sidhu.

The actress has now come forward to claim that she has been receiving rape threats over her support she lent to Sidhu.

Speaking on the matter, she said: “Yes, I feel Sidhu ji was right in his thoughts. I don’t think one should blame the entire of Pakistan just because of a few coward terrorists. The Pulwama attack was indeed sad and a cowardly act but you can’t just blame an entire nation for it. Every country has its plus and minus. We need to stop and eradicate terrorism and not a particular country. Even if Sidhu ji and I would have been in opposition parties, I would still have supported his statement as I feel the man was right.”

She also opened up against rape threats she has been receiving. In that matter she said, “I don’t care at all. You really think I will be scared and keep myself secured in the four walls of my house? No that’s not happening. These people will say anything but I don’t care about it. I have been facing such online harassment since ages now for anything that I say or do which is not in their favour, so it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also, I heard some reports stating that I will be taking legal action against these threats. But it’s false news, I don’t pay heed and don’t want to take any action. Let them say whatever they want to. We talk about safety and look where is the safety for women in our own country?!”

About India’s air strikes in POK as a reaction to the Pulwama terror attack, Shilpa said, “Honestly, I haven’t seen the news yet and unaware but now that you are informing me, I shall immediately see how our brave soldiers have fought it back.”