Actress shames Dubai Fan who asked if she was available for ‘one-night stand’

Sexual harassment which was until now under wraps is now open to the world and many men from all walks of life have been exposed too in the wake of #MeeToo campaign that took the world by storm.

Well, now a really peculiar and not so surprising incident has surfaced where a fan from Dubai texted Malayalam Actress Neha Saxena’s public relations manager to ask if she was available for a one-night stand.

Surprisingly the Actress decided to expose him to the public and replied, “Let me take to media now and make you a little famous. The way you treat women.”

The Actress also took a screenshot of the message and posted it on her official Facebook handle asking her fans to track down the person.

And that was all she had to ask of her fans, the man was soon identified with his profile on social media.

The so-called fan is an employee in the UAE and lives along with his parents.

Further investigating the incident, it was also known that the man was already married and still committed such cyber crimes.

When her fans in UAE reached the man’s office he was absconding and had even switched off his phone ever since he texted the actress.

The man, however, came out in open after actress’s fans visited his house but instead of apologizing the man said his phone was hacked.
The man’s parents too supported their son’s claims.

However, Neha demanded a written apology from the man irrespective of his claims.

The actress shot to fame with Kasaba movie starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty.