Actor Prakash Raj: BJP Chief Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi are not Hindus

New Delhi: Actor Prakash Raj, on Thursday, said that PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah are not Hindus.

According to the news reported in, Speaking at the India Today conclave South 2018, Prakash Raj said that “How can the question of PM and the head of his party being Hindu be termed wrong when they chose to remain silent over statements made by one of their ministers against a particular community.”

Replying to the comments made against him, he said that “They call me anti-Hindu but I am anti-Modi, anti-Shah, anti-Hegde (who had made the comment about changing the Constitution). They are not Hindus. People who support killing are not Hindus.”

Further, the actor added that “When Gauri Lankesh, my friend was killed, some people celebrated the murder. These were people who were being followed by PM Modi. Then I say those who support violence, killing, are not Hindus,” and continued to say that “My problem is that — who killed (her) is not important — but who is celebrating is clearly seen (on Twitter). Who is happy can be clearly seen. There may not be proof (regarding the killing), but things can be seen. Today through social media the hidden cruelty is known. We have a prime minister amidst us who is sitting with his eyes shut to this.”

The actor also told “I’m bigger actor than you, don’t try to act in front of me, please respect me as an actor. If you act in front of me as though you know nothing–am I a fool (to believe it) or are people or today’s younger generation fools.”