Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan slams RBI Governor, BJP over demonetisation

Hyderabad: Telugu film star and Janasena Party founder Pawan Kalyan, who has been critical of the BJP for going back on the promise of according special category status to Andhra Pradesh, on Tuesday criticised the demonetisation decision.

Kalyan addressed RBI Governor Urjit Patel in his critical tweets on the note ban move. “Mr Urjit Patel, This is late Sri Balaraju (from Kurnool, AP) one of the many countless victims who had lost their lives because of your well thought-out demonetisation,” Kalyan said.

He also posted the picture of Balaraju. When manual scavenging still exists in the country, he said, “You (Patel) want us to believe that ‘cashless economy’ will work.”

Demonetisation has disrupted the lives of various sections of society, including tribals, farmers, daily wage labourers, housewives and senior citizens, he said. While common people “are dying standing in queues”, those who plundered the wealth of the country are exchanging their wealth (old notes) sitting in their homes, Kalyan said.

Quoting from a book of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Kalyan said: “When the gap between what you know and what you think you know becomes dangerously wide… disasters of this magnitude will be created.”

Kalyan had canvassed for TDP-BJP in the 2014 elections and his campaign was believed to be one of the main reasons for the success of the combine in Andhra Pradesh.