Activists urge communities to unite against dark laws

Hyderabad: Organizations like RSS, with a vested agenda, have always posed damage to DNA of India’s secularism.

Addressing the seminar titled India and RSS at Media Plus Auditorium in Hyderabad on Sunday afternoon, social activists opined that the ongoing social and political unrest concerning citizenship law and NPR was due to the pre-independence era divide and rule policy of the British that is still in existence in the form of vested agendas of organizations like RSS.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Professor Shamsul Islam from Delhi University, said “all the interfaith and regional or linguistic conflicts in India are due to the British rule. These were planted by the British to rule India, and RSS supported the British in this cause.”

He said “while Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose recruited people in his Azad Hindustan army to fight for the independence of India, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar recruited people to support the British military.”

Speaking historically, he said “more than 1000 people from different religions lost their lives in the Jallianwala Massacre although as per British records, only 381 people lost their lives, of which 200 were Hindu martyrs, 61 were Muslim, 94 were Sikh.”

He said people from all religions lost their live in India when fighting for independence, fighting against oppression and fighting for the freedom.”

The current times no different, he said while stressing on the “need to unite in fight against NRC, NPR and CAA beyond religious, cultural and linguistic lines.” He urged people from communities to collaborate for this common cause of fighting the differentiation and marginalization in the name of NRC, NPR and CAA.

Swami Vivekananda once said that he “learnt the principle of equality from Islam”. He said people with RSS ideology are not only anti muslim, but have committed atrocities against Hindus also citing names of convicted persons like Baba Asaram.

The seminar was organized by Telangana Joint Action Committee against NRC and NPR. Convener Mushtaq Malik presided over the seminar while social activist Mr. Aleem Khan Falki delivered the welcome address.