Activists, scholars condole the death of Rohith Vemula

We, sincerely condole the sad demise of Rohith Vemula and intensely condemn the forces which compelled him to take this unfortunate step. These are the same Hindutva forces of intolerance which manifested themselves in Dadri in the form of fanatic killing and now here creating circumstances compelling an activist to take the last step simply because they are not in sync with a particular mindset.

It is all the more unfortunate that this manifestation should take place in an institution of higher learning where liberalism of opinion, freedom of expression and independence of action should, not only be taught but practiced. It is an unfortunate day for the liberalism and tolerance in the country. God save all the weaker sections.
We once again condole the death of Rohith Vemula and appeal to all the opinion makers to stand up against this type intolerance and machinations.

May his soul rest in peace.

MS Zaman Retd IAS President Social Initiative Legal Remedies
Major SGM Quadri Coalition for Peace and Harmony
Dr Yasin Hashmi Society for Peace & Tolerance
Syed Hamid Hussain Shuttary-Sadar Sunni Ulama Board
Syed Taraq Quadri- General Secretary Soofi Academy
Mohd. Turab Human Rights Activist
Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui Gen Secy Human Welfare Fdn
SQ Masood Convener Centre for Peace Studies
Azharuddin State Secy SIO TS
Sanaull ah Khan Convenor SC ST BC Muslim Front
Abdul Sattar Convenor AWAAZ
Jeevan Kumar Convener Human Rights Forum
Mohd.Afzal Convenor Asso for Protection of Civic Right
Muneer Patel Convenor INSAF
Ashfaq Convenor CHATRI
Ghias Akbar Forum for Equity& Justice