Activists demand to relocate Mallanna Sagar reservoir

Hyderabad: A proposed land acquisition for the Mallanna Sagar irrigation project has triggered massive protests by villagers and the opposition parties.

Even as the Mallanna Sagar oustees’ protests, the TRS government planning to acquire over 20,079 acres of land and was firm on completing the project.


Here is the list of demands/suggestions.

1. Govt should review the location of Mallanna Sagar reservoir and select an appropriate place away from submergence of fertile agricultural land and populated villages.

One side of these sub merging villages Forest lands were available, so if it can be moved towards forest, there is a possibility of saving 4 villages.

2.Govt should reduce the capacity of Mallanna Sagar reservoir as suggested by Rtd Engineers.

As part of Ranga Nayakamma Resorvoir, Imambadh was saved by reducing capacity from 4 TMC to 3 TMC.

Kondapochamma resorvoir capacity is reduced from 22 TMC to 7 TMC.

The Rtd. Engineer-In-Chief T Hanmantha Rao and few other Engineers forum suggesting that Mallanna Sagar with 50 TMC will not workout and it will lead to a big loss. There will be 40% of loss of water through seepage and evaporation, and friction loss in pipelines and there is no feasibility to construct a resorvoir with 50TMC of Lift based system.

 It cannot with stand 50 TMC water, it is 16 times bigger then Osman Sagar ( Gandipet). We should remember that Gateway of Krishna water into Telangana state is through Jurala Projec and is designed for 17.6 TMC and through which 800 TMC flows into Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Prakasam barrage as well as Telugu Ganga.  From  that point of view Mallanna sagar is ill designed  or infact  hiding Truth for some thing else thus suspecting the very intentions of Govt. If it is dubious then the only possibility is to encourage industries in the area. If that is so than the possibility of taking over lands from the farmers at a cheaper price in the name of irrigation projects and motivate possible beneficiaries, that is what is done. Then they can sell prospective industrialists at a higher cost.

When comes to ‘Height‘ constraint, Kondapochamma resorvoir place was more higher level then Mallanna Sagar place. Kudavelli vagu will start from Chebarthi village which is just 4 KM’s from CM KCR Farm House.
Kudavelli water stream will start from Chebarthi and flows from Chebarthi, Narsannapet, Erravally, Alirajpet, Kodakandla, Bhoorgupally, Vemulghat, Yetigadda kistapur and so on…to Nijamabad dist. There are two minor irrigation tanks available which covering cultivation land of Yetigadda kistapur, Vemulghat, Banjerupally etc. and there are still water available in these tanks at this time also.
It means we are getting water from higher level than our village’s place (from forest and also we are getting water from kudavelli vaagu).

3. In case, If the Submerge was must, Govt should recognize our sacrifices and should provide good Rehabilitation & Resettlement package.
We don’t want 123 GO and 2013 Act to be followed, “if they can propose better benefitees or options which can be acceptable by all the village farmers”.

4. If they want to follow GO 123 or LARR 2013, our demand will be ‘ House for house, village for village and Land for land and Govt job for each effected family and also land less people & agricultural labours should be given atleast 2 acres of agricultural land’.

5. Govt should come up with different options because there are people who don’t have land or don’t have homes also. There may be few people who want to shift to Hyderabad without taking resettlement benefits much.
For ex; few people may want a Double Bed Room house in Hyd City for those different proposal should be there and few may want to stay in resettlement area only and may ask 1-3 acres of land to survive.

Please consider different categories of people and propose different options“.

6. In case, if the lands were not utilized for the mallanna sagar project for any reason, lands should given back to the owners who previously own’s it.

And finally,

Arrange meetings and encourage peoples, is to collect equivalent land from the beneficiary villagers on compensation and distribute to the people of submerged villagers. In the process resettlement packages to be given to the sufferers. 

The proposed project is designed to store 51,000 million cubic feet of water. But, over 30,000 people spread over 10 villages in Medak district will be submerged when the project is completed.

Stating that over 1,000 tmc Godavari water was going waste into the sea every year, Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao said they want to utilise the water in providing irrigation facilities to 1 crore acres across Telangana and large number of farmers would benefit with these projects.

“We are committed to complete Mallanna Sagar and provide irrigation facilities to upland areas. No one dare stop the government efforts and people will teach lesson for all the parties who were opposing the Mallanna Sagar”, he said.