‘Activated SIM’ cards delivered at door stop

Hyderabad: Easy availability of SIM cards accessed by Criminals has become cumbersome for the Police force to track these criminals.

A recent investigation revealed that criminals nowadays have direct links to organized gangs that provide SIM cards without submitting ID proofs, TOI reported.

And shockingly in some cases, these acquired SIMs are delivered to the doorstep through post which can be used for duping people through various means of communications and since these SIMs are registered on some other person’s name the cops find it hard to locate the criminal.

According to the recent investigation into SIMs circulations, revealed few gangs have been actively operating from Noida, Delhi and Bengaluru says Cyberabad and Rachakonda Police.

It was also revealed that people were being lured about the supply of activated SIM cards through advertisements on social media.

The Cyberabad Police on arresting a culprit from AP’s Eluru in connection with a fake racket scam they found several SIMs from his possession.

“When questioned about the supplier, he disclosed that he had been getting them through post from Noida by paying a few hundred rupees,” a Cyberabad police officer said.