By acting swiftly, BJP has shown it’ll not compromise: Uma

New Delhi : Union Minister Uma Bharati and other BJP leaders today said that by acting strictly against its leader Dayashankar Singh for his derogatory remarks against Mayawati questioning her character, the party has shown it will not compromise on the issue of dignity of women.

“What Dayashankar has said about Mayawati, it should not have been said for any woman. Whether Mayawati or any woman, it should not have happened. BJP has taken strict action on the issue and has not made any compromise on it,” Bharati said outside Parliament.

Singh, who was the UP BJP Vice-President, was expelled from the party last night for his derogatory remarks which invited strong protests across all political parties in Parliament and outside.

“I want to say the issue of dignity of women should not be politicised. As a woman I’m hurt and aggrieved for this kind of statement. How come one can make such statement?” Bharati said.

On whether Dalit vote bank politics is being played out in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, she said, “It will not affect the party.”

Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said the issue is over as the party has already taken action against him.

“This issue is over. We took action against him. Now what else should we do, tell? What he said was completely objectionable. The leader of the House too condemned the statement at the earliest. He was removed from his post, and later on he was suspended also. Let them protest, they keep on protesting; be it Congress or others. The thing is that BJP is moving ahead, and they can’t digest that,” he said.

Union Minister Ramdas Athwale said, “This kind of remark should not be made. In politics statements, counter- statements happen. But not this kind of statement. Dayashankar should not have made this kind of statement.”

On opposition’s allegations that BJP is anti-Dalit, Athawale, who is an RPI(A) leader, said, “It is not so. BJP is trying to give justice to Dalits. In the recent Cabinet expansion, many from Dalit and SC/ST categories got representation.”

BJP MP Udit Raj said, “BJP has taken action against Daya Shankar. One should not vitiate the atmosphere on this issue.”

He however added that BSP workers should not indulge in counter-attacks using similar language.

Meanwhile, condemning the remarks, Congress leader Renuka Choudhury said “We all stand by Mayawati. We have a right to dignity. That man has to be arrested. There is no compromise on that.”

On BSP workers allegedly using the same language against Singh during protests, she said, “I cannot condone or justify what are they saying. It does not matter who says what, that man has to be arrested.”