Acoustic panels from PET bottle waste, first time in India

Pune: While the world is talking about plastic waste and its disposal, TECHNO Ceiling Products has brought forward a unique import substitute product made from this very waste material to form a unique green product manufactured by using post-consumer PET bottles waste, and polyester fabric waste materials to convert them into acoustic insulation panels having very high performance parameters. The import substitute product is being manufactured for the first time in India.

Mr. Naren Kothari Director, of TECHNO Acoustic ®, informed, “At present most of the acoustic panels are being imported and sold in India. Now TECHNO Acoustic ® panels would be providing a range of products depending upon the applications and end results desired.

TECHNO Acoustic® panels are tested in NABL approved laboratories and reverberation chambers at ARAI for their acoustic performance. Our range of TECHNO Acoustic® panels decorative products can help improve sound management in almost every environment.”

TECHNO Acoustic ® panels are made by compressing very thin layers (more than 60 layers) of carded polyester fiber sheets and after a series of multi punching from both the sides. The final board that we get through this exclusive line of products is TECHNO acoustic board, having an excellent finish and its specific properties supplement acoustic sound absorption and heat insulation.

It is the finish that is used to create a multitude of designs with TECHNO Acoustic ® panels available in a range of vibrant and sober colours. These panels are manufactured in the same dimension 1.22m×2.44m (4×8 size) with a thickness of 10 mm.

TECHNO Acoustic ® panels can be cut with a simple knife and also edge chamfered by simple woodworking tools. It is extremely simple to install and can be directly stuck on walls or framings. Being a prefinished material with options of colours, it does not require any additional cloth or covering/finishing. These acoustic panels can be widely used in different ways as well, such as claddings and false ceilings, partitions etc, to achieve the best acoustic properties. and can also be used as a pin-up board.

TECHNO Acoustic® panels are completely eco-friendly products, and cuts off the echo in any closed environment like auditoriums and theatres, open office systems, conference rooms, classrooms and common rooms in schools and colleges, restaurants and cafeterias, kindergartens and children play areas, recording studios, home theatres, entrance lobbies and large foyers, airports and large enclosed public places, added Mr. Kothari.

TECHNO Acoustic ® panels would give the required solution for reducing the noise/clutter and the sound decibel to comfortable levels in open office systems where a lot of persons are working and talking at the same time. A well-balanced sound environment benefits us in many ways. To get the best possible conditions for working, learning, relaxing and healing, good room acoustics is the most important thing to create, Mr. Kothari explained.

The panels do the job of sound absorption and reduce the reverberation time in auditoriums and home theatres improving the quality of sound and speech.

TECHNO Acoustic ® panels are a designer’s dream product besides its acoustic performance it can be cut and formed into various products like baffles, floats, wall panel designs, wall hangings etc.

Mr. Kothari added that the other highlights of TECHNO Acoustic ® panels are lightweight, stable surface, with a smooth application even on bent areas. They are available in thirteen colours and are approved by the Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation to be a flame retardant property. They are also safe from damage caused by insects, can also be used as pinboards and are easy to clean too.