Acid attacks: Hate mongers now terrifying Muslims by throwing water in London

LONDON: Water was thrown at two hijab-wearing women standing outside a mosque in United Kingdom is seemed to be a ‘fake acid attack hate crime’.

According to a report published in The Independent, as the women, covered from head to toe in traditional Islamic clothing waited outside the Bashir Ahmed Masjid in Southampton, a passing car thrown water over them.

The incident captured on CCTV footage suggests the assault happen at about on Tuesday. The footage shows a black car approaching the pair and throwing water on them before it sped away.

The women were “understandably shaken” until they realized they had not been hurt by the unknown liquid, said the police.

YouTube video

On Facebook, the mosque shared a message from one of the women reads: “Sisters just to warn you to be careful when you are out and about, you all know about the recent acid attacks in London.
“Today my friend and I were standing outside Bashir Masjid in Portswood, waiting to be picked up when a group of men in a black car drove past us and threw water at us.
“We are both okay because it was only water, but if they get away with doing stuff like this then it could embolden them to next time use bleach or acid.”

A spokesperson of the Hampshire Constabulary said, “We received a report yesterday regarding a racially aggravated assault in Portswood Road, Southampton. Our investigations are continuing today and we are in contact with the victims who were understandably shaken by this incident.”

After a string of acid attacks has taken place in the UK, the police are treating this attack as a suspected racially aggravated offence.

An appeal have been issued with anyone having information about the Southampton hate assault should report it either by calling or in person at a police station.

Five of the attacks were committed within 90 minutes in London.