Achieved equality with Pakistan after four decades: Afghan President

Kabul: Referring to the change in his foreign policy, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Friday said that the country has been able to defend its national interest against Pakistan after four decades.

In an address to military forces in Paktia province, Ghani said, “Our 40 years’ demands would have not been accepted if we were not successful in our foreign policy. (Previously) we were waiting to talk with Pakistan equally, but now we hold talks with Pakistan with an honor and we preserve our interests (in these talks),” the Tolo News reported.

Ghani further said that the world has heard Afghanistan’s voice on counter-terrorism efforts and that “the Taliban must know they cannot win the war.”

“You (enemies) should know that Afghanistan’s strategic situation has changed and you (Taliban) cannot win on the battlefields,” he added.

Afghan President also mentioned that the number of Afghan Air Force will be doubled in the near future.

“Our air support has been doubled in the past two weeks and now our martyred and wounded army and police force members will not remain on the battlefields,” he added.

Meanwhile, Paktia governor Shamim Katawazai urged Ghani to fulfill his promises for the development of the province.

“In the past ten years, promises were made to Paktia residents, but none of them were addressed. For me, it will be very bad to give empty promises to the people. I urge you (President Ghani) to deliver the commitments made to the people,” said Katawazai. (ANI)