Achhe Din: Govt. likely to impose “cess” on drinking water

Hyderabad: The citizens of India, who were waiting for “Achhe Din” to come, are now required to pay cess on water bills.

Govt. of India is contemplating to levy an additional cess on water bills under the pretext to preserve underground water and increase the water table.

As per the recommendations of Central Ground Water Board, Govt. of India is likely to issue a notification that all those who hold drinking water connections should pay an excess amount for the cause of protection of groundwater table.

The citizens of India who were dreaming to see “Achhe Din” are now feeling that it was merely an election slogan.

It is reported that in the first phase, this additional cess would be imposed on industrial and commercial establishments. Later, this would be extended to all those houses which have drinking water connections.

According to the experts, in India, no tax has been levied so far on essential commodities but the present Central Govt. has decided to collect additional cess on drinking water.

–Siasat News