Acer introduces ‘abSignage’ digital signage solution in India

New Delhi [India]: Global tech giant Acer announced the launch of its digital signage solutions, abSignage in India, thus marking the entry of Acer into the Digital Signage industry in India.

Available in four form factors – DV433 (43″), DV503 (50″), DV553 (55″) and DV653 (65″), these displays can help create valuable and flexible communication.

The abSignage solutions utilises advancements in cloud technology and big data analytics to be the most cost-effective solution to manage digital signage network. In addition to all the benefits traditional digital signage provides, abSignage brings together powerful hardware, adaptive software, and services to empower users to make a big data-driven impression.

In addition to the digital signage hardware and software that is available when working with Acer Being Signage, the cloud-based and big data analysis services that is offered allows one to take their business to the next level.

“Acer’s entry into the digital signage industry in India marks a new beginning and we are more than thrilled to be growing at this pace. India’s digital signage market stood at USD 328.79 million in 2016, and is forecast to exhibit a CAGR of 18.60 percent in value terms to reach USD 906.65 million by the end of 2022, on the back of growing use of digital signage for outdoor advertising to make marketing more effective and appealing to customers,” said Acer India Head of Commercial Business Group, Sudhir Goel.

abSignage’s essential management tool allows Acer to monitor the entire system and remotely take care of signage network from the moment the solution is deployed. They make sure the signage is always up-to-date and ready to go from rollout to retirement. Acer, also offers a proprietary content management system that provides a high degree of flexibility in both content scheduling and delivery from anywhere in the world. The messages are effectively controlled by using the Smart Attributes which dynamically create playlists for certain audience groups, increasing the efficacy of an advertisement and maximiing results.

This solution also provides for a Behavior Tracking Sensor, which quickly and easily tracks and quantifies, what kind of audience your advertisements attracts in each of the stores. This feature powers Being Audience Rating (BAR) dashboard to enable one to monitor a wide variety of metrics, including the number of views, attention time, customer demographics, and much more.

Acer’s DV3 series from its Large Format Display section provides eye-catching, razor-sharp images as a result of its full HD resolution. Effortless video wall build up by daisy chain to 9 displays, easy setup with uniform brightness and colour calibration, and stunning image with 10 bit color depth. (ANI)