Acer brings new GPU server to India

Bengaluru: Taiwanese technology company Acer on Monday brought its Altos “R880 F4” GPU server in India which was originally unveiled at the NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Taiwan recently.

“The balanced architecture of the Altos ‘R880 F4’ enables eight V100 32GB SXM2s to interlock at their maximum speed,” Evis Lin, General Manager of Server Business, Acer Inc., said in a statement.

“For real-time inference, we also have the Altos ‘R480 F4’ servers to host 16 NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs. Both are exceptional products for deep learning training and inference,” Lin added.

The server can host up to eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB SXM2 GPU accelerators, wherein every GPU pair includes one Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCIe) slot for high-speed interconnect, the company claimed.

Acer Altos “R880 F4” can significantly enhance performance by using parallel computing power for various applications, including oil and gas, defence, financial services, research, manufacturing, media and entertainment, 3D rendering, deep learning and mission-critical applications.