Accused on not supporting dad on reality show Kendall fires back

Washington: Supermodel Kendall Jenner broke her silence and defended herself on not supporting her dad, Caitlyn Jenner’s stint on British reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity‚Ķ Get Me Out of Here!’.

The reality TV star on Wednesday (local time) took to her Instagram story and wished Caitlyn good luck for surviving in the competition.

However, she also took the opportunity to clap back at those who criticised her silence on her dad’s newest project.

“Always rooting for you,” the 24-year-old star captioned a clip of Caitlyn on the show. “Strongest person on the [Earth].”

“Just because I’m not posting doesn’t mean I’m not supporting. I love my dad! Everyone chill,” she added.

The 70-year-old reality TV star is competing in the 19th season of the show, which is about winning challenges in order to receive maximum vote to further donate their winnings to a charity of their choice.

Caitlyn, recently made everyone laugh on the show when she mimicked her daughter Kylie Jenner’s viral slogan “Rise and Shine” while delivering a motivational speech, reported People magazine.

“Let’s go, team!” she shouted in a clip from the show. “Not just another day, another day to excel, another day to be great. Rise and shine!”

“Need this as my alarm tone!” the show’s Twitter account wrote alongside the video, while step-daughter Kim Kardashian West tweeted, “I literally recorded this and set this as my alarm a few weeks ago!”