‘Acche din’ in Rajasthan for ministers; corruption legalized: says Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee in his show explains how government of Rajasthan is trying to legalise corruption.

Rajasthan government has passed an ordinance according to which no investigation of any kind can take place against ministers, judges, magistrates and all public servants without the permission of the state government. If there is any type of corruption charge against anyone of them, none of the media will be allowed to report the same. This can become law in the state of Rajasthan during a parliamentary session to be held on Monday October 23. It seems to be an attempt to legalise corruption.

Online frauds under the name of Aadhaar card are increasing day by day. To fight against these frauds, Government of India has decided to charge an additional security fee on every digital payment. Soon you will be able to see on every digital transaction done, there will be a digital India cess.

Now the question is where is the money collected from taxes goes? You will be shocked to know that Rs. 13 Cr was spent to prepare Modi’s 60 seconds add. Thus the public money is wasted by the leaders.

Although modi says criticism is good for democracy, 22 traders were booked last week in Kanpur putting up posters comparing Modi to Kim Jong-un.

Good news from Delhi. The Delhi government for the first time has given the people the right to vote and decide whether they want liquor store in their respective neighbourhood or not.

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