‘Acche Din’, ‘black Money’ slogans wont work, BJP would need new slogans to win 2019 Polls

With upcoming General Elections in 2019, it quite unlikely to predict which party shall come to power in the Lok Sabha elections.

Modi government that rose to power in most of the majority states in India making its way to PM was quite an easy journey with the saffron party’s most promising ideas and slogans of ‘Acche Din’, ‘Black Money’, Welfare schemes, employment promises, and many more, ET Bureau reports.

But after the demonetization and implementation of GST, the economy in India has definitely been disturbed to a big extent. Whilst the nation was still recovering with the demonetization, several scams worth of thousand’s of crores has come forward publicly and then comes the GST.

After fraudsters slipped away carrying citizens hard earned money that has been collected by the Government as taxes leaving nothing, the Government successfully managed to increase other rates on basic amenities pushing the common man, even more, deeper into a lower economic state.

With all these happening in saffron party’s guidance, it is very highly unlikely that the party will be re-elected for a second term again.

Though BJP may emerge to secure majority on its own, opposition parties that have formed alliance could also win the. The after math of Karnataka’s elections are likely to repeat, if not many political careers might end if BJP is elected for the second time.

But BJP may already be in advantage assuming normal monsoon and the most economic indices in the right direction.

With no schemes under employment or welfare schemes unlike earlier campaigns, there still stands a question on how the saffron party is strategizing to win the next elections.

But observations on the 5-year tenure of Modi government, people should not be expecting sky-rocketing changes to be delivered in a span of five years. But this strategy might not work well with BJP since it would not excite voters.

The Indian economy might have not been in this suffering state had only the GST been implemented and demonetization had never happened.

Significantly, voters haven’t punished Modi for either demonetization or GST, but this doesn’t mean they would want to generously reward him for the next elections in 2019.

And with all those observations carefully done, Modi definitely will need a big idea or a story to sell to its voters and win the next elections.

Though he remains the far most popular political leader, he would still need a big story to sell, the problem is, as of now, he doesn’t have any story to sell.

Now the new campaign slogan for BJP’s ‘Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikaas’ (Honourable Aim, Right Kind of Progress) is definitely not going excite the voters which again would be a contrast with other political parties long record of governance in the nation.