ABVP, RSS influencing Centre: VH

ABVP, RSS influencing Centre: VH

Congress leader, Rajya Sabha Member V. Hanumantha Rao said that Rahul Gandhi visited Central University to meet the socially boycotted students and to know about why the scholar had died. It was social responsibility of every one to fight against social boycott, the Congress would fight against the BJP, ABVP ideology in democratic county.

Hanumantha Rao was participating in the Meet The Media program at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram in Hyderabad, which was organized by the Telangana Working Journalists Federation (TWJF) and Hyderabad Union Journalists (HUJ).

Speaking to mediapersons here on Wednesday, VH said that Congress party leaders in the Telangana State had not concentrated at the ground level in the 2014 general elections to win more seats in the Assembly and Lok Sabha constitutions.

He also said that TS Chief Minister always concentrated on power politics to get more seats in the upcoming GHMC elections. The TRS was influencing the voters in Hyderabad with power and money to defeat other political leaders. KCR has hijacked Congress developmental activities in Hyderabad for his party’s development. On the occasion, he reminded KCR’s “Swacha Bharath” as one of the solutions to the Hyderabad to become global city”.

He also alleged that RSS and ABVP were influencing the BJP government at Delhi on the affairs of Central University and other institutions for their domination. He said Rohith’s death was caused by the social boycott from the University campus. Central University Vice Chancellor belonging to ABVP and with RSS background always supported the ABVP students and worked against other student organizations. He also blamed Union Minister Bandaru Dattatraya for writing a letter to the HRD minister on affairs of Central University. He demanded that the Vice Chancellor resign for his role in students social boycott from the campus. Vice Chancellor Appa Rao belonged to ABVP and RSS.

Hanumantha Rao said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not staying in the country for implementing his poll promises. The PM was playing games in the educational institutions for supporting ABVP and RSS. He urged the TS Chief Minister to visit the Central university to solve the social boycott issue. The TS government hasn’t done any development activities in TS except double bed room flats.

Padma Raj, V. Chandra Shaker, Basava Punnaiah, Somaiah and others were present. (NSS).