ABVP goons in JNU beat Iranian student to ‘celebrate’ India win over Pakistan

NEW DELHI: An Iranian studying in JNU filed a police complaint against 10 people for allegedly manhandling him, including ABVP members during celebration of India’s win over Pakistan in a cricket match in ICC Champions Trophy match in England.

The Iranian national, who did not wish to be identified has filed complaints with the police as well as university administration against the 10 students, naming two of them– one Vinay and ABVP member Saurabh Sharma.

In his complaint to the hostel warden and the chief proctor, he said,

“Vinay, a resident of room number one of Damodar Hostel’s D Block, was bursting crackers in gallery. When the guard intervened, he started arguing,” the student claimed in a complaint to the hostel senior warden and chief proctor.

“While I was observing the situation, one of them pushed me and Vinay punched me on the nose. It was a group of 10 people at least, including Vinay and another person Saurabh Sharma,” the student, who wished to remain anonymous, alleged. “The whole group was drunk,” he added.

He alleged that there were many complaints against the unruly behaviour of the student and requested the authorities to take appropriate action against him. The Iranian national has filed a complaint with Vasant Kunj (North) Police Station, a senior police official said.

While ABVP  member Saurabh Sharma, whose name was mentioned in the complaint,countered the allegations, saying claming that he was celebrating India’s victory against Pakistan in the cricket match yesterday when a few persons, “some of whom maybe foreign nationals”,  not happy with the result, manhandled him.

The security guard has also filed a complaint alleging Sharma and other ABVP members assaulted a foreign national.

“When I heard noises I checked a room number 1 in which Vinay was residing and found 10 to 15 people drinking liquor and bursting crackers,” he said. “Saurabh Sharma was also present in the room and they also assaulted a foreign national. When I tried to make a phone call, Sharma also snatched my mobile phone,” he claimed.

Backing the Iranian student, the JNUSU accused “ABVP goons” of manhandling him.

“ABVP’s chauvinism is again at work. ABVP goons manhandle, beat and threaten a student from Iran in the midnight in Damodar Hostel. JNUSU councillor Faisal Qureshi and security guard was present there. Eventually, our VC will punish those who will ask justice for this student,” a statement by the students’ union said.

(With PTI inputs)