Abusiveness in Congress DNA, shows frustration: BJP

New Delhi: BJP leader Prakash Javadekar on Sunday accused the Congress of vitiating civil discourse by continuously using foul language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said such abusiveness was in the party’s DNA.

“They (Congress) using words like ‘khoon ki dalali’. One leader called Modi a ‘ganda aadmi’, another called him ‘neech’. This is their frustration,” said Javadekar.

“We live in a democracy but they are of the view that no one else has the right to rule except them. And now as long as Modi is there, they cannot even dream to come back in power, therefore this abusiveness,” Javadekar said at a press conference here.

“And this abusiveness is the very culture of Congress. It is in the DNA of Congress to use such foul language. But they don’t realise that the people will respond to this abusiveness in a democratic way. The country has never accepted such conduct,” he said.

Javadekar also condemned the acronymising Modi’s name by Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera, who told a news channel earlier in the day that Modi stood for “Masood, Osama, Dawood, Isis”.

The Union Minister referred to the Congress’ “chai wala” remark for Modi during the last general election and called Congress “an arrogant party”.

“With such remarks, they are demeaning the chaiwalas, pakodewalas and the chowkidars. They are giving the message that those who earn by the sweat of their brow are dishonest and only those who earn by dubious means are honest,” he said.

“This only shows their frustration. Nowhere in the world has the level of civil discourse been brought down this low. We condemn it,” he said.