Absconding rape accused apprehended by police

New Delhi: A rape accused who had allegedly fled from police custody while being taken to court has been apprehended by Delhi Police after a three-day manhunt.

Wasim, who is accused of committing sexual offences against a minor apart from rape and robbery, was arrested on October 14 from Jahangir Puri area of north west Delhi.

One spring actuated knife and a dagger were seized from his possession at the time of arrest.

He had fled from police custody on October 11 when he was being taken to court after he was arrested on October 9 for allegedly abducting a minor girl.

According to the police, after escaping from police custody he had visited the residence of the woman whose daughter he had allegedly abducted and threatened them to withdraw their case.

A complaint was lodged by the woman after she got the threat and policemen in plain clothes were deputed near her home, police said.

Thereafter, the police had received a tip that the accused was roaming near Shah Alam Bandh road area of police station Jahangir Puri and a team was dispatched to apprehend him.

According to the police, the accused is a bad character of the area who is involved in around 25 criminal cases including burglary, rape, abduction and robbery.