Aborted talks, a serious setback for gains on Indo-Pak settlements: Congress

New Delhi, Aug, 23. : Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday blamed the NDA government for giving a setback to all the the gains of last ten years on Indo-Pak settlements after the cancellation of NSA-level talks.

“All the gains of last ten years on Indo-Pak settlement of at least some issues has been given a setback by such aborted (NSA) talks,” Singhvi told the media here.

“Despite this imploding Pakistan, unfortunately the Government of India has played into its hand by being unprepared and unfocused. It did not do proper ground work,” he added.

Singhvi pointed out that red flags and boundary should be drawn after very careful thoughts. They should be clear and most importantly, when they are drawn they should be drawn with proper exit routes.

“Perhaps, this simple ‘red flag’ should have been read into and stated in the Ufa statements itself,” he said.

“No such opportunity should have been given to Pakistan to rigger out of as serious issue as terror,” he added. (ANI)