Abijit Ganguly equates Modi with Bigg Boss, says he developed phobia with word ‘Mitron’

Stand-up comedian, Abijit Ganguly ridiculed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his strategies like demonetisation, GST, Aadhaar linking etc. He mocked saying Modi engages citizens of India in something or other, he brought demonetisation and engaged public in note exchange, he engaged them in making aadhaar cards, revises taxation system and enforced GST, he engages public into linking bank account with aadhaar card. Abijit asked Modi to live himself in peace and let others do so.

Jeering at the Modi style of saying ‘mitron’ he says, ‘I have developed phobia with the word ‘mitron’’. He said when he saw the word ‘mitron’ on a film he was scared thinking that some incident is going to happen.

Abijit also mocked at the hardcore Modi supporters saying that they are also bearing the brunt of Modi’s strategies yet half-heartedly praising Modi’s moves.

Ganguly equated Modi with Bigg Boss, saying that he engages citizens of India in something or other as the Bigg Boss gives tasks to the contestants of the show.

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